Pillow Talk (9/16/2008)

16 09 2008

I think a good rule of thumb is that once you drop something in dirty toilet water you should just leave it there.  But then again rules are made to be broken and sandwiches are made to be eaten.

I was riding the bus the other day when we veered off of the road and hit an old woman on the sidewalk.  And, of course, everybody on the bus started yelling and screaming.  Which is fine I guess..  I just really hate it when passengers try to tell me how to drive the bus.

Scientists say some lions can run up to 40 mph.  I guess the other lions still haven’t converted to the metric system.

I liked my moms food a lot better when I was younger, but she made the same thing every night.. milk

People always say that it takes a village to raise a child, but what they never tell you is that it takes The Village People to raise a gay child.

Ive always wanted to get a life-like kangaroo suit and enter a kangaroo race.  As soon as the race started I bet a lot of people would be like, “Hey, that kangaroo runs just like a human.”  I think I would probably lose the race by a lot, but at least nobody would know I was drunk.




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