Pillow Talk (11/16/2008)

16 11 2008

When you cuddle with a woman its called spooning.  But when you cuddle with an overweight woman, I call that ladeling.

Every time I see a shooting star I always wish for a fresh, new set of legs so that I could run faster.  Just imagine how fast I would be with four legs!

I bet Gummy bears are great dancers.. but probably the worst Jenga players

Some guy tried to convince me the other day that if you lock 100 monkeys in a room with typewriters for a million years that they would eventually be able to reproduce all of the works of Shakspeare.  I doubt that though.  I bet you’d just have a room full of dead monkeys.

You wouldn’t know this about me without me telling you but I actually have really long balls.  Its not as bad as it seems though.  I mean it has it’s ups and downs.  For example, when I sit on the toilet my balls touch the water a little bit.  But on the plus side, it’s true what they say: chicks dig the long balls.




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