The Top 5 Worst Jumanji Rolls

16 11 2008

Let’s face it guys, Jumanji was an amazing movie.  It’s easily in my list of Top 2 greatest board game based movies of all time (after Clue® of course).  I’m still livid that Robin Williams didn’t get an Oscar for his performance as a mentally handi-capped child stuck in a grown man’s body… OK fine I’ll admit it, I didn’t even watch the movie.  But I saw the Spanish movie trailer for it online the other day and I think that I got the gist of it.  And from what I saw it looked like the director took a dump all over this movie.  It’s pretty obvious that the he held back on some of the things that the game spit out.  I mean quicksand and venus fly traps are kind of scary but they aren’t even in the same league as electrified swamp monsters or Snake-men.  So I’ve compiled a list of the 5 absolute worst things that could possibly come out of Jumanji.  If you can come up with something worse than these puppies leave it in the comments.



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My little brother’s class project

15 09 2008

My little brother Johnny had to create a website for his 1st grade English class. I think he did a pretty good job. Check it out after the break below.

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